Listening for unheard voices

Story of a Secret State is a group art exhibition that seeks to illustrate the horrendous human rights violations taking place in North Korean — it is visual art bringing a seldom heard story to a listening Australian audience.

A collaborative project incorporating the works of a number of acclaimed and talented local and international illustrators and artists from varying backgrounds, Story of a Secret State marries numerous stunningly-unique pieces from varying schools and genres, to create one amazing story, one simple message and one clear objective. The story and its message will touch the hearts of those who visit the exhibition, and it is hoped that these visitors will pass this message on, for the benefit of the the North Korean people in desperate need.

The beauty and stunning detail of each individual illustration masks a dark and menacing tale of the suffering of the North Korean women, families and children, as they struggle for survival, living on a fleeting hope that they may one day be saved from the clutches of their horrendous circumstances.

It is the objective of each individual artist and the exhibition organisers that, through the application of their incredible talents and from the whispers that come from viewing their stunning works, they may lure a wide and open-minded audience ready to pass on a simple but critically important message.